Thursday, February 14, 2013




There is so much new in my life, and while it does drive me close to insanity at times, returning to the good of the past would remove the great of the present.

Lucas was up for three and a half hours last night. Sure, I'd love to return to good, decent nights sleep, but that would mean no Lucas.

Though I have has many jobs in my life, I do not believe I would return to any of them. They were great experiences, but what they taught me most were the things I am not meant to do.

The only thing to which I return over and over again is theatre. It feeds my soul in a way no other thing does. I'm typing this as I sit at rehearsal, and I'm surrounded by people who are passionate about their work in ways unlike I've seen most anywhere else.

I don't do this professionally, and as a result, my involvement is sporadic. So, when I think of returning, the stage is the thing I hope most to return to. Again and again.

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