Friday, June 25, 2010

Kitchen Remodel

We bought our house in May. It was a win-win-win - we were renting from friends of ours, and they were ready to sell. We seized the opportunity to become homeowners again without having to move! We love our little house, but as any homeowner knows, there are always things to change and upgrade. So we made our list, and the first big thing we decided to do was a little kitchen, or I guess, dining remodel. We have an eat-in kitchen instead of a separate dining room. So in that space we built in an eating area in the kitchen and painted. Well, without further ado, here are pictures!

Before, we had a large open wall along which we placed our counter-height table and a bookcase that sort of held all of our games and cookbooks. Along the perpendicular wall, we had a 55-gallon fish tank. The fish tank found a new home, the table found a new lot in life, and the bookcase... is in our hallway for now, until we get a new piece of furniture that matches and will hold everything and can move all of that stuff back into the kitchen.

We painted the kitchen a sage green - it's actually called Urban Safari, whatever that means. Mark's dad (who is a general contractor and who we couldn't have done this without!) put in bead board and a chair rail, then put in two storage benches.

We ordered a new standard-height table, in the same series as our counter-height table. Mark's dad cut down the chairs to fit the new height of the table. Mark and I spent three days looking for fabric and pillows to match the plates on the wall (the inspiration for the room), then used the fabric to cover foam for seating and the pillows as a back rest. New lighting, chair cushions, and some wall art from our living room completed the look, and we have a new eating area in our kitchen!

We love it! But to call it an "eating area" is probably misleading. Our true purpose for creating this space was to have a comfortable place to play games on the numerous game nights we have at our house. Before, we found ourselves gathered around our coffee table on the floor. Now we have a great game table and comfy seating. And a place to host a family meal or two. I guess that means I need to learn how to cook...

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  1. It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We painted the dining room in the apartment we just moved out of a very similar color and those colors (red, orange, yellow, green) will be the inspiration for our new kitchen when we get a chance to redecorate! You have incredible taste woman!