Friday, July 2, 2010

Weeds, Weeds, Go Away

I weeded my flower beds! They were so overgrown that you couldn't even see the mulch below. But I actually got out of bed at a decent hour this morning, slathered on the sunscreen (on top of the burn I got from a trip to the pool earlier this week) and attacked the weeds that had taken over my pretty yellow flowers and bright pink roses. About half way through, Mark joined me and helped get a lot of the vines out of the front - they were the nasty ones that gave me the greatest problem. I really appreciated his help!

Now we once again have a pretty flower bed:

It's the bed on the side of our house. The beds in the front have a couple of weeds, but are nothing like the one on the side was. Maybe I'll attack those weeds tomorrow.

Pretty yellow flowers! (Are they buttercups? daffodils? something else? I have absolutely no gardening knowledge...)

And bright pink roses! (I know what those are... surprisingly...)

I really only knew one thing about weeding before - you have to get the roots. I learned that it's much easier to pull the weeds out sideways instead of straight up. What I need to learn is how to make it a cleaner progress - I ended up with a lot of mess on our driveway, and was too tired by the end to clean it up properly, I'm sure. I picked up as much of the weed roots as I could and then swept the rest back into the flower beds. They'll probably burrow themselves down and grow again, just to spite me. But I'll just pull them out again. Since I know how. And now know that I can.

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