Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Days

It's been awhile. July was eaten alive with class work. I took two education classes in my quest to be a certified English/Theatre teacher. And I also had a stumbling experience that I blogged about but have yet to post. I may yet. But it drained my blogging energy and consumed my thoughts, and since I wasn't ready to be public with my experience, I didn't blog at all.

But, here I am. I found out this weekend that a scrapbooker I follow, Shimelle, is hosting an online crop! I'm kind of excited because I haven't scrapbooked in at least a month and a half (July = 8 major class projects). She's posting challenges on the hour for 12 hours each day Friday-Sunday. Yes, it's Saturday night, and no I have yet to complete or even start any one of them. But, her "deadline" gives me all day Sunday and Monday to work, and that's only if I want to be entered to win something. Her challenges could simply be inspiration. Either way, I'm looking forward to a couple of happy days of scrapbooking!

So, since hubby returns to work Monday after the summer holiday, I will be home with only my work to distract me. And I think it can wait at least a day.

Check it out if you want to play along!

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