Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bucket List

Did you see the movie The Bucket List? Pretty good movie. I'm a big fan of Morgan Freeman. Jack Nickolson, I can take or leave. And Sean Hayes is absolutely wonderful! (I really wish I could see him with Kristin Chenoweth in Promises, Promises, but that's a blog for another day!)

Anyway, on my last blog I began my own bucket list, or, as I liked to call it, a Life List. Since I seem to have moved over here, and am quite happy in my new blog home, I thought I'd bring my Life List with me and continue it. Here's what I had:

1. See the Grand Canyon.
2. Be a mom.
3. Direct Ragtime.
4. Write and teach a Harry Potter curriculum.
5. Be on NPR.
6. Have a party in my beautiful backyard. (It's not yet beautiful!)*
7. Travel to Italy, France, Germany, and Austria.
8. Learn to make a Wilton Flower.
9. Cook a meal without screwing something up.
10. See the Great Barrier Reef.
11. Live outside the U.S. for 3+ months.
12. Get a Master's Degree.
13. Weigh 130 lbs.
14. Bring Canvas bags to the grocery store. (check!)
15. Learn to dance ballet. (took a class... does that count?)
16. Learn to play the violin.
17. Sing jazz in a classy bar/night club.
18. Flip a house.
19. Visit every state in the U.S.
20. Learn to swim properly.

(*For number 6 (Have a party in my beautiful backyard), the backyard is different, but the intent is the same.)

So, here are 10 more things to add to my list:

21. Compete in a triathlon.
22. Play Natalie in Next to Normal. (It may be too late for this. I'm still coming to terms with that.)
23. Play Diana in Next to Normal.
24. Learn to play the guitar.
25. Get a Doctorate.
26. Play Cathy in The Last Five Years.
27. Be able to run a 5K.
28. Write a novel.
29. Take professional-quality pictures.
30. Make my own clothes.

Okay, I think I should probably work on some of these before I keep adding more!

Do you have a life list? What's on it?

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    Writing a novel is also on my list. And, having read yours, 'singing jazz in a classy bar/night club' will appear on mine in the near future.