Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Well, here it is, 3 months later.

Hi! How have you been?

I've been, well, I've been me.

Kate finally stopped abducting me at the end of September, and we performed Shakespeare's Women. It was a lot of fun - the most fun I've had doing a Shakespeare show.

I auditioned for the second show of the semester, Crimes of the Heart, and was cast as Lenny, the oldest of three sisters who all discover somewhere along the way they might be losing their minds. It's a great southern comedy, and I had a blast working with some wonderful people and learning so much about theatre. It was one show that I was not ready to have end.

But, alas, it did, and the drama department moved on to its Christmas show. They did a version of Dickens's A Christmas Carol. It was really good. They perform this one for bus loads of children that come from the local schools. I did not participate in this one, however, because I needed to catch up on the semester and write about 15 papers.

And the semester has ended. The last day of classes was Monday, and exams began today. I don't have any until tomorrow, so I'm taking a break and finally blogging.

Christmas is coming, rather quickly, and I've been following all of my scrapbooking-bloggers as they Journal their Christmas. I tried this last year - it ended up like all of my other scrapbook projects, falling flat on its face. I also tried doing it digitally, and then my free trial of Photoshop ended, so I couldn't even access what I'd already done. Such is Rachel's way.

This year, I decided not to even start. Exams, like I said, start today, and I have two on the very last day. (They're really dragging this out.) So I've decided that I'm not going to stress about anything Christmas-y until after my exams are over. Once that's past, I'll consider decorations and baking and gifts and scrapbooking. But for now, I need to finish this semester.

So, come December 14... we'll see what Christmas things find their way into my life.

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