Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Creeped In...

The hubby and I had a wonderful Christmas! I didn't make it until the 14th without doing something Christmas-y, however. I ended up spending about half an hour decorating our house the night of the 12th. Not much, just put wreathes and candles in the windows, set up one of my two nativity scenes, put up our miniscule tree (really, it's about a foot and a half tall, but it grows on me more and more every year), and put our Christmas throws on the couches. It was not much, but just enough. And it's all still up, as of today. We purchased a new shed over the holidays, and I'm hoping I can wait until it is delivered before taking down the decorations so they can just go immediately into their new home out there.

We traveled a lot over Christmas, which is part of the reason the scaled-back decorations worked so well for us. We saw Seussical: The Musical at the Children's Theatre and A Scattered, Smothered, Covered Christmas at a new Dinner Theatre, starring Joyce Dewitt, who played Janet on Three's Company. We attended several large family Christmas gatherings, got several nice presents (including gift cards that went to the purchase of a new battery-powered tool set!) and ate more food than should be legal.

I was reading Ali Edward's blog the other day, and she commented that she is one of those people who wants Christmas to be over Christmas day. That night, she's ready to move on to the next thing, to get ready for the new year and whatever else is to come. When I read this, I realized that I am not that type of person. I don't like that Christmas smacks you in the face the day after Thanksgiving (sometimes earlier) and then disappears like it never existed at 12:01am December 26. I want to ease into the season, and then ease out once it's "over."

I am easing out a little more quickly this year, however, because I start student teaching day after tomorrow. Gone are the days of a month-long Christmas break. Public schools start anytime between January 3-5, depending on when the holiday falls. So even though my decorations are still out and some of the presents have yet to find their permanent home, my energy and focus are shifting to school.

I am excited about this year. I've been pondering my "one little word" and some possible resolutions. Even though it's the 2nd, it's not too late, right? Maybe that will be one of my resolutions - stop feeling the need to adhere to ambiguous dates/times/orders. Sure, days and months are there to provide organization. But really, how different is the 31st of December from the 1st of January?

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