Monday, January 10, 2011

A Great Day!

I learned last night that I was to have my very first snow day as a teacher! Overnight we got almost 10 inches of snow, which I believe is more snow than I've ever seen. Sure, it pales in comparison to New York's recent blizzard, but just the threat of snow is enough to call off school where I live. And seeing as snow is a rare occurrence, playing in the snow became the top priority of the day.

After breakfast (homemade pancakes), we bundled up and headed outside to see how the dog would fare in the snow. He loved it. He actually tried to bury himself in it. Crazy dog. We spent time making a snow man (who we turned into Harry Potter) and then I made a snow angel. After some more running around in the snow, we came inside to get warmed up and take a nap. Dinner consisted of grilled cheese made on a homemade loaf of bread. (I love having a baker for a husband.)

What started out as a regular snow day for me has escalated into an amazing day for Auburn fans everywhere. After dinner we settled in to watch the BSC National Championship Game of Auburn against Oregon. I've been an Auburn fan since birth. My grandfather taught at Auburn and was the pastor at First UMC in Auburn. Auburn pride runs in my blood, and tonight I was so proud to watch them win the National Championship! It's a great day to be a Tiger!

A great day, indeed.

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