Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Coup

"Technically speaking" Lucas slept through the night last week. All the books say 5 hours of sleep constitutes sleeping "through the night." I had fed him around 10:30/11:00 and got him to sleep at 12:30, after an hour or so of crying (he's way too young to be fighting sleep!) I figured he'd be waking around 2:00. We didn't hear a peep until 5:30! Score one for Mommy. I got a little too excited, though, because it has yet to happen again. He went a good four hours the next night, but tonight, here I am up at 2:30 after putting him to bed at midnight. I guess it's not a consistent thing.

So, while I'm up, I thought I'd share a quick funny story from last week. My husband made the comment one day that we had too many places for Lucas to sit in the living room. No, I responded, not too many, because they all served their own purpose: the rocker/sleeper where he takes his naps, the bouncer for stimulation, the newly arrived swing for the newly developed tendency of fighting sleep, and the car seat, because there's not a better place for it.

 I had to take back my argument the next day, however, when I briefly lost our son amid the multiple baby locations. I placed him in the bouncer seat and took a quick bathroom break. Upon returning to the living room, there was a good two seconds where I had to check each possible location before remembering where I had set him down. I conceded that, yes, maybe, there were a few too many places for the baby to sit. Maybe.

 So much for our committment to not let this little guy take over. The coup is complete.

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