Friday, September 7, 2012

LSNED September 5


Patience has been a life long learning for me. Whether attributed to my red hair, genetics, environment, or whatever, I have always been quick to temper and fast-paced. It has taken years of breathing and relaxing. And after having Lucas, I'm almost having to start over teaching myself patience!

The key to patience for me has been to focus on the other person. What is their perspective? What do they need? How is their need different from mine? I hope that this has made me a more discerning person, too; someone who thinks of others and can communicate effectively with all kinds of people from all different backgrounds. I think it has increased my skills of mediation, because I often am able to see multiple sides of issues. Of course, that makes me rather indecisive, but that's a tale for another day!

"Patience is a virtue," and my patience is something I find failing me often with a little one who is learning so many new things. I just pray that I can find and keep my patience, because there's no one in my life who needs it more than he does. And I hope in the process I can teach him patience, too, because, after all, he is my child. Maybe it will be something we can do together. And maybe we can start with being patient with each other.

Lunch with Valerie and a doctor's appointment. He woke at 3 am, 5:30am, and is now still asleep at 9:15. I however, got up to create a test for Reading Strategies. Total fail. An hour and a half later, no test, because I can't figure out how to access the online test bank. Ugh. Maybe technology just isn't for me today.

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