Monday, September 10, 2012

LSNED September 8 and 9

I almost made it 10 days without getting behind! Weekends are hard, because they are usually so different.

September 8:
On Saturday, we took Lucas to the state fair. It was a lot of fun! I do not believe that I have ever been; I at least don't remember if I have. We watched a lumberjack show where they did a chopping context, and ax throwing contest, and a log roll (where they walk on the log that's floating in water). One of the audience members got to walk on the log - it looked like a lot of fun, and she actually stayed on in for a few moments, longer than I would have!

Probably the coolest thing I learned at the fair, however, is that they have a paper craft contest! We stumbled upon it as we checked out the photography, sewing, and paintings. It was so cool to get to see others' work. I think I'll submit some of my own next year.

September 9
Sunday was a necessitated lazy day. I've been feeling a little cruddy lately, so we sent the kiddo to church with the grandparents and relaxed at their house. We watched the first football game of the season (we lost), and then rehearsed for a friend's wedding.

Shimelle's prompt for Sunday was a little confusing to me. I think we were supposed to think about how we learn things, or see what we learn from others. I'm still not sure how exactly to follow what she was prompting, and I'm still thinking about what I learned. I'll get back to you on that one!

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